1997 Seed Grants

1997 Seed Grants

Adolescent and Youth Developement Network

AdolescentsThe purpose of this network was to promote a better understanding of issues related to positive adolescent and youth development. It brought together a community of Ohio State faculty and staff from a number of different disciplines, all interested in risk-taking behavior of adolescents. There were quite a few individuals across the university interested in adolescent development, and since they worked in different departments, they had had limited opportunity to work together to address their common interests. This grant continued into 1998-1999, with the network meeting several times over the year. The groundwork was laid for the development of this community of Ohio State faculty and staff interested in risk-taking behavior of adolescents. During the following years the community continued to meet and grow, and speakers were brought to the University to help the community expand and gel.

The grant was submitted by David Andrews, OSU Extension; Steven Gavazzi, Human Development and Family Science; Dale Safrit, Agricultural Education and Lynne Borden, OSU Extension

Building New Linkages to Teacher Education

Lima CampusThe Lima campus of The Ohio State University started a School to Work initiative that responded to the need to develop a workforce-ready student population. The project, "Building New Linkages to Teacher Education," developed a partnership between OSU Lima faculty and staff, area teachers, and community professionals. This interdisciplinary network met monthly to develop applied academics in selected areas including education, mathematics, English and social work. Faculty partnered with community professionals to create and model community/university partnerships with the intent of providing undergraduates with a more realistic understanding of their community, and enhancing student learning in the disciplines through applied academics.

The grant was submitted by Lynn Sametz, Ohio State University at Lima; Javad Abdalkhani, Mathematics; Shelley Peterson, Education; James Werchan, English; James LaPoint, Social Work; Donald Williams, Education and Tariq Rizvi, Mathematics

Free Radicals and Anti-oxidants in Nutrition and Health Maintenance

AntioxidantsThe concept of free radicals in disease and aging had been around for several years. The food and personal care industry jumped on the bandwagon by paraphrasing some then-recent study in the popular press with (implied) claims for the wonder cure. The public was continuously bombarded with press reports of nutrition studies, several of which were diametrically opposed, many of which were backed by insufficient science. The issues raised stretched further than the life sciences since many industrial wastes, emissions and workplace hazards had also been implicated in free radical processes leading to disease and death. The scientific problem was real and complex; hence the solutions required a broad base of scientists, nutritionists and health care providers who were both well-informed and well-based in both the literature and scientific fundamentals. The network brought together useful and productive research collaborations among OSU researchers in diverse teaching/research/service units. Ohioans benefited from both dissemination of information and participation in subsequent health-related studies and surveys.

The grant was submitted by Lawrence Berliner, Chemistry/MAPS; Thomas Clanton, Internal Medicine and Tammy Bray, Human Nutrition

Job Issues Network

OSU NeighborhoodThis network provided a training laboratory for faculty and students to design curriculum and mentoring programs to move unemployed OSU neighborhood adults into OSU entry level positions and to pursue avenues of career advancement, including higher education at The Ohio State University.

The grant was submitted by Joan Lorenz, Office of Academic Affairs, Sandra Pritz, Center on Education and Training for Employment/Education; Susan Brooks, OSU Extension; Robert Heneman, Department of Management and Human Resources and Ellen Moss, Godman Guild Association and the Department of Reprographics

S.A.F.E. Secure and Friendly Environment

SAFE SchoolThis grant proposed to address the concerns of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in urban elementary school populations through the development of a comprehensive approach to intervention. Activities included linking OSU faculty/staff with school and community through a variety of meetings with the purpose of designing and implementing a model PTSD symptom reduction program. S.A.F.E. also proposed to coordinate a service-oriented symposium on PTSD issues in the Spring of 1998. Hubbard Elementary School and the Corporate Health Division of Columbus Public Schools were integral team members.

The grant was submitted by Rebecca Nelson, Community Development OSU Medical Center; Kory Ward, Allied Med-Med Tech; Dorothy Jackson, Developmental Psychology and Dan Miller, Education Policy and Leadership

Small Business and Family Business Network

Small BusinessSmall and family businesses are important parts of the economies of the U.S. and of Ohio. Such businesses present special opportunities and special issues as compared to larger, publicly held businesses. Participants from departments in the Colleges of Business; Engineering; Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences; Human Ecology; and Humanities met regularly to work on issues that can enhance the survival and success of Ohio's small and family businesses.

The grant was submitted by Jane Fraser, Department of Industrial, Welding and Systems Engineering; Kathryn Stafford, Consumer and Textile Sciences; Bernard Erven, Agricultural Economics and David Cole, Fisher College of Business