1999 Seed Grants

1999 Seed Grants

4-H Science Series

4H Science SeriesThe 4-H Science Series project increased awareness, interest and aptitude in applied science methods through a series of fun and educational science-based activities. These activities included: a) use of advanced technology and application to the workplace (i.e., drafting, design, computer design), b) offering computer-aided design in the areas of drafting, aerodynamics, force and motion and basic math opportunities in the introduction of algebraic terminology and c) developing partnerships within local communities to help students achieve these skills. 

The grant was submitted by Judy Villard, OSU Extension; Ted Dalstrand, OSU Mansfield and Melissa Weber, Math and Physical Sciences

Biotechnology & Science Education Initiative: Outreach Phase of Planning for Ohio's Teachers and Students

BiotechnologyThis project addressed biotechnology science education in Ohio's schools. Based on a previous survey, the level of biotechnology awareness and instruction in some schools was excellent, but the overall state level showed need for significant improvements. Future Ohio students entering the workforce should not be disadvantaged by a lack of scientific expertise or knowledge about modern biotechnology. The key to solving this critical issue is the teacher who may lack the background or training to initiate a meaningful biotechnology educational program.

The project hosted an infrastructure planning meeting to build a program model with representatives from universities and industry, teachers, and science education specialists. A second meeting was primarily for Ohio teachers involved in planning, implementation, and materials resource development. Agenda items for the teacher's meeting included instructional efforts, concepts to be incorporated, classroom management, and guidelines for procuring and using resource materials. Departments involved included representatives from the College of Education, OSU-E, School of Natural Resources, Ohio Academy of Science, OARDC research scientists, and Ohio science teachers. 

The grant was submitted by Chuck Curtis, Plant Pathology; Joe Heimlich, OSU Extension; Paul Vellom, School of Teaching and Learning; Lynn Elfner, Ohio Academy of Science; Keith Davis, Plant Biotechnology Center; N.L.. McCaslin, Human and Community Resource Development and Skip Nault, OARDC

Communicating for Success: Community Literacy and Life-Long Learning

WritingThe Center for the Study and Teaching of Writing (CSTW), in close cooperation with the African and African American Studies Community Extension Center (AAASCEC), has carried out a literacy workshop project funded by OSU CARES. "Communicating for Success: Community Literacy and Life-Long Learning" delivered community-based literacy workshops developed by an interdisciplinary and collaborative team (including undergraduate and graduate students, faculty members, and members of the Extension Center staff and surrounding community) for participants in the Extension Center's surrounding neighborhood.

Workshops for 1998-1999 served senior citizens, inner-city children, single mothers, and other community groups, and included: "Grant Writing for Community Projects,""What's Your Story? Turning Memories into Memoirs,""Getting Paid: Tips on Finding and Getting a Job" and "Create Your Own Book: A Second and Third Graders' Workshop." For 1999-2000, three workshops targeted established neighborhood needs and desires.The first aimed to establish several ongoing "Writing-for-Action" groups among individuals living and working in the Mount Vernon Avenue area, close to the African and African American Studies Extension Center. The second developed and delivered a series of three "Preparing for College" workshops for students attending high schools in the Mount Vernon area and for recent recipients of the GED pursuing higher education. Finally, the third developed and delivered a "Summer-2000 Writers' Camp" for children who attended the Broad Street Presbyterian and South High churches.

This community literacy model went beyond teaching isolated skills to specific groups. Instead, it sought to engage community and university members in an exchange valuing the expertise of every participant and crossing community-university boundaries in order to carry out productive work together. The specific materials for workshops developed through this partnership were ultimately collected into booklets made available to all OSU Extension sites for use as models or starting points for the development of similar workshops to meet the needs of their particular communities.

The grant was submitted by Andrea Lunsford, Center for the Study and Teaching of Writing; Rudine Sims Bishop, Education; John Roberts, African American and African Studies; Graylyn Swilley-Woods, African American and African Studies Extension Center; Carla Wilks, African American and African Studies Extension Center; Mindy Wright, English and Humberto Gonzalez, OSU Extension

Development of an Oral Health and Nutritional Promotion Program for Seniors and Assessment of their Needs

DentistryThis program aimed to increase oral health and nutritional health among seniors, an essential component in propagating lifelong preventative dentistry. Intermittent monthly visits over a ten-month period were conducted at five senior centers in Franklin County. Each center was visited twice, at which time oral health assessment, oral cancer screening, and instruction in maintaining good oral health and nutritional health were given. Residents received oral health aides, nutritional education, and referral to the Geriatric Dental Clinic for treatment when appropriate.

An epidemiological study included rate of tooth loss, prevalence of dental decay, periodontal disease, and oral conditions. This grant partnered the College of Dentistry and OSU Extension in new ways by Extension involvement in helping to provide nutrition education at the local sites. See dentistry.osu.edu/about-us/community-outreach-education.

The grant was submitted by Abdel Mohammad, College of Dentistry; Cheryl DeVore, Dental Hygiene and Lisa Gibson, OSU Extension

Taking Spanish-Speaking Countries to the Country

Spanish Class"Taking Spanish-Speaking Countries to the Country" involved writing, delivering, and assessing a Spanish language program for elementary children in Pickaway County. Professors, graduate students, and extension agents from Education, Agriculture, OSU Extension, and Humanities collaborated on this effort to ensure equal access to quality education in rural settings.

The intent of this project was to capitalize on an existing 4-H delivery system to provide language and culture teaching to elementary children with or without a foreign language teaching specialist.  

The grant was submitted by Gwen Wolford, OSU Extension; Deborah Wilburn Robinson, College of Education; Diane Birckbickler, Foreign Language Center; Scott Scheer, OSU Extension and Judy Conrad, OSU Extension

Sun Safety and Sun Protection Practices for Ohio Farmers and Members of the Farm Community

Farm Sun SafetyMembers of the farm community are at high risk for skin cancer. The project initiated an educational program for behavior change by encouraging members of the farm community to wear sun safe hats which shade the head, neck and ears from the sun. Hat design recommendations from project participants were shared with hat manufacturers and other groups providing hats to the farm community.

Other program efforts sponsored by Ohio State University Extension and University Hospitals focused on sun damage to the skin and skin cancer education with particular focus on, but not limited to, the farm community. 

The grant was submitted by Joyce Smith, OSU Extension; Tom Bean, Food Agricultural and Biological Engineering and Pinky Davis, Health and Lifestyle Enhancement

The Master Technology Trainer Project

Technology TrainingThe Master Technology Trainer project expanded accessibility to quality training and use of computer technology in community organizations located in low resource areas of Columbus, Ohio. Using Extension's successful train-the-trainer philosophy, OSU Extension/Franklin County worked in coordination with the OSU Department of Education, OSU Libraries and the WORKsource network of community agencies to educate twenty "master volunteer-trainers." Master Technology Trainers, in turn, (1) provided low resource agency staff training to increase computer use, efficiency and effectiveness; (2) utilized curriculum for training limited resource customers on beginning computer use; and (3) served as a pilot for OSU's Technology Enhanced Learning Research Office to collect and test the value of Internet-based employment-related information for future nation-wide applications.

The Master Technology Trainer project leveraged WORKsource partners' state-of-the art computers, community-based services, and the job listing, resume and referral and tracking resources of the WORKsource at worksource.net. With additional expertise in the use of technology, the WORKsource electronic and agency network was more successful in its mission of facilitating the collaborative process to meet the training and employment needs of individuals and businesses within Franklin County.

The grant was submitted by Susan Brooks, OSU Extension; Tim Pritchard, OSU Extension; Humberto Gonzalez, OSU Extension; Anthony Olinzock, Education Studies; Steve Acker, Office of the CIO and Nancy O'Hanlon, OSU Libraries