2010 Seed Grants

2010 Seed Grants

Prevention and Management of Arthritis Among Older Farmers in Ohio

Arthritis PreventionFrom July, 2010 through September, 2011, faculty and students from the Occupational Therapy Division worked with 22 educators from OSU Extension to develop and implement an outreach program to Ohio farmers  age 50 and older who are at risk of developing arthritis. The project involved developing a screening tool to identify those who were at risk, preparing materials on prevention and management of arthritis, training students and educators on the survey tool, and screening 563 farmers and other older adults for arthritis. The project has also formed a partnership with the Ohio AgrAbility program to reach disabled farmers. In addition, the project received an AHEC grant in Spring 2011 to attract more health care students to rural areas and to provide continuing education in arthritis prevention and management to health care professionals in rural communities. More Info: ogg.osu.edu/newsletters/12/articles/53

This grant was submitted by Margaret Teaford, Associate Professor-Clinical, School of Allied Medical Professions, College of Medicine; Sharon Flinn, Assistant Professor, Occupational Therapy Division, School of Allied Medical Professions, College of Medicine, Pat Holmes, OSU Extension Educator, College of Food, Agriculture, and Environmental Science; Pat Brinkman, OSU Extension Educator, College of Food, Agriculture, and Environmental Science; Carol Miller, Assistant Professor, OSUE County Operations, College of Food, Agriculture, and Environmental Science


Cartography for Service and Mentorship

CartographyWeinland Park is a neighborhood with high unemployment and underemployment. This collaboration between The Department of Geography and the University Extension at University District engaged undergraduate college students in service to address employment issues in the neighborhood. College students in Professor Ahlqvist's class used data on employment opportunities, local transit, demographics and data collected by the students in the field to map this information so that we get a geographic picture of the complex relationship between potential employers and employees when it comes to identifying local transit needs in the Columbus area. A planned mentorship component was added in a second course where a partnership between the course and the After School All-Stars program resulted in a new look at what activities/amenities that local middle-school youth would like to see in their neighborhood. By integrating these activities with ongoing curricular activities, both in the targeted course as well as related coursework, we have provided a foundation for a sustaining pattern of collaboration.

This grant gave thirteen OSU students and two instructors (a faculty and a graduate student) from the Geography Department an opportunity to apply their skills and talents in geospatial technology to the revitalization efforts underway in Weinland Park. Unemployment and underemployment have been identified as a major need in the community. Dr. Ahlqvist and his students learned about, discovered and demonstrated some of the barriers which make it difficult for residents to get and keep jobs. As a result of this grant, community, civic and corporate leaders have a better understanding as to why residents don’t have access to employment and employment opportunities. Because of this renewed awareness, it is our hope that these tools and discoveries will assist decision makers in identifying solutions to help address these issues of accessibility, secure funding and make changes in policy and planning.

This grant was submitted by Ola Ahlqvist, Assistant Professor, Geography, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences; Susan Colbert, Program Director, OSU Extension/University District, College of Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences


Enhancing Rural Education/Business Connectivity: a New Model to Advance Workforce Development Opportunities

Rural EducationThe Hardin County Chamber Business Alliance identified the need to improve collaboration and communication between business and education as one of their primary goals for 2010. With this grant, the Chamber partnered with the Alber Enterprise Center and OSU Extension to survey business and educational institutions to identify opportunities, including internships, that help to orient workers to future jobs in Hardin County. Fifty-eight businesses employing almost 2,000 people and representing all sectors, including educational providers, responded to a survey utilizing the OSU Extension Business Retention & Expansion (BR&E) Signature Program and one-on-one interviews by the Economic Developer, John Hohn and Frank Gibson with the Alber Enterprise Center. A result was the development of a web based platform to connect resources and communicate opportunities to benefit youth, the unemployed, underemployed and the future workforce. The site was launched in March, 2011.  This model incorporates BR&E with a linkages website to focus on creation of a workforce development communications model that can be replicated in other counties. 
Connectivity web site: sites.google.com/site/hccbaeducationalpartnerships/
Youtube video of March 17, 2011 press conference: youtube.com/watch?v=wW9Muel3BTM

This grant was submitted by Nancy Bowen-Ellzey, Assistant Professor, Community Development Educator, OSU Extension, Van Wert County; Brian Raison, Community Development Educator, Miami County Director, OSU Extension; Myra Moss, Assistant Professor, OSU Extension; Frank Gibson, Program Manager, Alber Enterprise Center, OSU at Marion; Barb Wingfield, Interim Director, Hardin County Chamber & Business Alliance; Paul Craun, Alvada Construction; Michael Rex, Dean, Division of Business & Public Service, James A. Rhodes State College; Glenn Rettig, Associate Dean, Owens Community College; Kim Davis, Superintendent, Ohio Hi-Point Career Center; Ron Pepple, Superintendent, Hardin County ESC; John Hohn, Vice President of Economic Development, Hardin County Chamber & Business Alliance


Natural Resources Education and Outreach for Ohio Youth

Natural Resources EducationThe Natural Resources Education and Outreach for Ohio Youth has strengthened relationships both internal to the University, as well as external partners, especially the United States Department of Agriculture—Forest Service. These relationships have led to another grant, as well as additional program collaboration outside of the youth area. Two chapters of the proposed curriculum were completed and reviewed by educators. Those materials are available as hard copies, as well as links, on the USDA-FS website (nrs.fs.fed.us/environmental_literacy/curricula/TreEab/). Two school-wide events were held in NW and SW Ohio where materials were used at several of the outdoor stations that students rotated through. These events served as pilots which could easily be replicated across the state. The Tree Summits were incorporated into two existing teacher workshops. Teacher toolboxes, or loan boxes, were created during the project period and are made available to teachers. Since the project began, other invasive species have been discovered which will be addressed as the team continues to work together to raise awareness and incorporate these new challenges.

This grant was submitted by Amy Stone, Extension Educator, College of Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences; Cindy Burskey, Extension Educator, College of Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences; John Cardina, Associate Professor, Horticulture and Crop Science, College of Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences; James Chatfield, Associate Professor, Plant Pathology, College Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences; Daniel Herms, Associate Chair, Professor Entomology; College Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences; Kathy Smith, Program Coordinator, School of Natural Resources, College of Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences; Kathleen Knight, Evolution, Ecology, and Organismal Biology, College of Biological Sciences; Lisa Bowers, Forest Health, Ohio Department of Natural Resources , Division of Forestry; Tim Deppen, Administrative Assistant II, Ohio Department of Agriculture; Joanne Rebbeck, Plant Physiologist, United States Department of Agriculture, Forest Service