OSU CARES: Community Access to Resources and Educational Services

From 1996 through 2016, OSU CARES/OSU Extension, served as a catalyst to activate 116 grant teams of university professionals to address anticipated critical issues to face Ohioans. These teams resulted in new partnerships between OSU Extension faculty and staff and colleagues in all the colleges and regional campuses of The Ohio State University. Through the work of these teams and partnerships, new or enhanced outreach/engagement efforts connected the resources and educational services of the university with the communities the university serves. These teams and partnerships focused on the cutting-edge future issues that were facing Ohioans at the time, and provided resources and educational services that helped Ohioans make decisions that would positively affect their lives.

Our Grants Awarded page features all past OSU CARES grants awarded by year.

In 2016, the OSU CARES grants program was rolled into the Connect and Collaborate Grants program. To learn more, visit https://oaa.osu.edu/ccgrants.html

The following links to publications also feature a number of OSU CARES funded grants:

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OSU Outreach and Engagement Forum (2015)

OSU Outreach and Engagement Forum (2014)

OSU Outreach and Engagement Forum (2013)

The Impact of Engagement: The Power of Partnerships (2010)

The Impact of Engaged Partnerships: Seeding a Culture of Engagement (2009)

Building the Future: The Impact of Engaged Partnerships (2008)

Impact 2007 (2007)

Impact: Making Waves (2006)




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